Bleecker Street, an industrial looking building and a riddle: how to reconcile pure geometry, time honored noble materials like burned oak, rusted steel and marble, and elegance. A miracle accomplished in this downtown residence where the mix of exquisite minimalist architecture and poetic - even romantic - furniture and accessories have created a Morandi like feast for the senses: an interior both restrained and emotional, uncompromising and warm.
First one sees upon entrance a row of arched windows reminiscent of the old factory buildings of downtown: they are now ensconced in metal. The staircase is also metal. It seems to  effortlessly spring from the floor to lead up to the bedrooms. Its dark presence creates a sense of wonder and curiosity as to what to expect on the next level of this luxurous 6000 square feet duplex apartment.
And then there is the reclaimed wood flooring and floor to ceiling doors that  brings in warmth and softness. A  panel separating the marble kitchen and the living room is a masterful architectural composition of wood and glass whose arched perimeter is an hommage to the Middle Eastern heritage of the owner, evoking the memory of oriental architecture in an otherwise western sensibility.
What makes this apartment so striking is the confluence of artistic influences in the field of both architecture and art. The exacting lessons of Luis Barragan, with its perfect geometry, has been enriched by elements of poetic asymmetry and punctuation inspired by Japanese aesthetics and romantic surrealist influences. Every piece of furniture conjures coziness and voluptuousness in shape and material that gives it an arresting and heart lifting quality against the architectural backdrop. Pale pink is scatted through the house, on glistening armchairs upholstery material, in the artwork, reminding us that life is an adventure, that imagination and contrast is what creates interest and beauty.
And each frame reminds us of a painting that has the intimacy of a dutch painting and the calm and nobility of a Giorgio de Chirico landscape. A rare feat.