In this Upper East Side apartment, the custom fireplace has been beautifully designed to complement George Condo’s painting above. The two sides of the facade embrace, as the figures in the painting do. Space fills with light while the neutrality of the materials and fabrics lead the eye towards the focal point of the room, the art.
I have always loved Achille Salvagni’s otherworldly volumes and the luxury of his "Roman materials”. The Gae armchair and Mehnir illuminated side table stand fiercely by the fireplace.
The custom table allows two positions of the base: the first one is meant to create a visual statement when entering the apartment and it has been positioned to align with the material change in the flooring. The second position brings both feet under the table and allows a larger number of guests to be seated at the table.
Edra's On the Rocks sofa simply rocks and allows a flexible configuration of the living room area.